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07 December 2010
Introducing Dala Floda
While designing the Commercial Type logotype, we went through many, many different options before settling on an early version of Dala Floda. This typeface is based on classical Renaissance Oldstyle forms, but puts a new twist on them by being drawn as a stencil, inspired by worn gravestones and lettering on shipping crates. The elegance of the forms belies their everyday origins.
Dala Floda
Paul Barnes first began work on Dala Floda in 1997, after observing the way serif letterforms on gravestones decay over time. Time is not kind to gravestones laid flat; the thin strokes are either eroded by nature or by being laid on church floors and walked upon. Though the original forms are destroyed, new and intriguing shapes are revealed. The stencil form of this typeface makes it very distinctive for headline use and especially well suited for logotypes, as evidenced by our own. We find that it matches well with any contemporary oldstyle for text, particularly our own Lyon Text. Dala Floda overview
Dala Floda Uppercase
Dala Floda is our most complete display face to date, covering a wide range of weights as well as typographic features. The roman styles all include small capitals, which have a lovely inscriptional quality, and a number of swash terminals. All styles include fractions, oldstyle and lining figures. PDF Dala Floda specimen PDF
Dala Floda Swashes
The swashes, alternate forms and many ligatures so typical of the Renaissance italic forms have all been captured in Dala Floda—not just in the regular weights, but through to the heaviest weights. They complete the typeface that marks the end of our first year open for business. Dala Floda Medium Italic
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