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16 September 2010
Introducing Platform
Although our library is founded on versatile, text-oriented families like Guardian and Graphik, we have a love for display typefaces as well, which can give distinct personality to a poster or a magazine spread.
Today we are delighted to announce the release of Platform, the first published typeface by our staff type designer Berton Hasebe. This family is an exploration of how the geometric sans serif – one of the most well-trod genres of 20th century type design – might be approached in a contemporary context. Rather than aiming for perfection, Platform instead plays with the inherent crudeness in letters that have been reduced to their simplest essence. Platform overview
Platform Uppercase
Platform drew inspiration from a wide variety of geometric sans serifs from around the world, from the quirky Latin alphabets designed to match Japanese typefaces, which informed the large x-height, to the strangely-proportioned early Modernist German and Dutch sans serifs, which informed the interplay between wide and narrow forms in the uppercase, yielding a unique texture in lines of caps. PDF Platform specimen PDF
Platform Alternates
Proportions aside, the basic structures of Platform's characters are fairly conventional for the geometric sans genre, (perhaps with the exception of the double-story lowercase a). In addition to a single-story lowercase a, Platform has a set of alternates that play up the circular forms in a novel and humorous way. PDF Opentype features PDF
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