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12 February 2010
Introducing Publico
Commercial Type is pleased to announce the release of our new and improved Publico Collection, a new serif typeface family in two optical sizes, designed for publications.
Publico Headline
Publico Headline
The Publico Collection originated as one of many stops on the long road to the 2005 redesign of The Guardian and the Guardian family, and was later finished for Mark Porter and Simon Esterson’s redesign of Público in Lisbon. Because the underlying skeletons have so much in common, the Publico family is an ideal companion for any part of the Guardian Collection. Featuring narrow proportions, a square and sturdy skeleton, and a pleasant openness, Publico Headline has a clean and contemporary look with an understated elegance.
Publico Headline overview
Publico Text
Publico Text
The narrow proportion of Publico Text makes for a very efficient text face. The elegance of the headline faces is replaced by sturdiness in the serifs and less pronounced ball terminals, giving an even, comfortable texture in body copy.

Free upgrade for existing licenses
If you purchased a license for Publico or any of the other families in the Commercial Type library before our website launched in January, please contact us at for a free upgrade. Please include your original invoice or receipt number so we may verify the license.
Publico Text overview
Comprehensive PDF specimens
Our site features comprehensive specimens for each and every family in PDF format, including information on complete character sets, language support, and OpenType features.
PDF Guardian Collection PDF
PDF Austin PDF
PDF Lyon Text PDF
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