Commercial Type
27 January, 2010
Introducing Commercial Type
Commercial Type is a new type foundry based in London and New York, created by designers Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz to publish new typefaces designed by themselves and others.
Commercial Type is now online
We are proud to announce the all-new and invite you to browse our ever expanding library of original designs. The Commercial Type library is currently comprised of 6 very different typeface families, from the elegant and sophisticated Austin through to modern classic Lyon, as seen in the New York Times magazine.
The Guardian Collection
Commercial Type’s most comprehensive collection to date is the lauded Guardian Collection, which is finally available to the general public. Its four families include 8 weights of Egyptian Headline, 9 weights of Sans Headline, an Egyptian Text, and an Agate Sans, all designed to work together to solve every potential typographic problem whether it be a newspaper, a magazine, a wayfinding system, or a corporate design program.
PDF Guardian Collection PDF
Family discounts always apply
Our generous discounts on licensing complete families and collections always apply, even if you license just one or two styles at first to try the family out. Enter your previous order number at checkout for an automatic discount of your original purchase price on the complete set.
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