We would like to thank many people who have made all of this possible:

The original founders and punchcutters, we are all standing on your shoulders, as you stood on those before you. And to those who have chronicled typographical history, most notably Nicolete Gray, Talbot Baines Reed, Daniel Updike, and Harry Carter.

Professor James Mosley, former librarian at St Bride. His contributions to this venture has been enormous, through his knowlege and his foresight in saving what remained of the Caslon and Figgins foundries.

Catherine Dixon, who helped with the writing and editing, though all mistakes are ours. 

Bob Richardson and all the staff and volunteers at St Bride Library, past and present, who have been so helpful over the years.

David Pearson, who has been a constant user and supporter of these faces.

Francis Atterbury, Nicolas Barker, Frederik Berlaen, Roger Black, Erik van Blokland, Aldo Caprini, Matthew Carter, Jackson Cavanaugh, Antonio Cavedoni, Gillian & Mick Clayton, Elizabeth Ellis, Fraser Muggeridge, Mattieu Lommen, David Marshall, Sebastien Morlighem, Pierre Pané-Farré, David Jonathan Ross, David Shields, Fred Smeijers, Sara Soskolne, Alex Swatridge, Liene Treimane, Richard Turley, and Professor Michael Twyman. 

Fraser Muggeridge Studio, for designing our first specimen. Janelle Shane, who generated the text using a neural network.

Simon Esterson and John Walters at Eye magazine.

Phil Sayer and John Bodkin, for photography.

Joe McKendry, for illustrations.

To the staff and volunteers at St Bride Foundation.

To our colleagues, both past and present who have provided encouragement, inspiration and help over the years.

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