Commercial Classics specimen remix

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This lay flat (Ota) bound specimen, designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio, is a remix of the original spiral-bound specimen that introduced the first batch of typefaces released by Commercial Classics. It is a reprint of the same design, printed on a variety of paper stocks, but bound and trimmed to one size. The text was generated by Janelle Shane using a neural network trained on several 19th century British novels and Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations.


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Shipping within the US is via Media Mail, and takes 5-7 days. International shipping is via First Class Mail (Air Mail) and can take as long as 3 weeks. Please contact us for other shipping options.

Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio

Text generated by Janelle Shane

Printed in Belgium

165 x 235mm/6.5 x 9.25in

96pp, printed in two colors, paper stock varies