1. What is your refund and exchange policy?

All sales are final, and no refunds will be given in cases other than insurmountable technical difficulties. Please check your cart carefully, as we are not responsible for a customer licensing the wrong font. Exchanges cannot be given. If you have technical problems with the fonts that render them unusable, we will do everything within our power to rectify the situation and provide you with a usable copy. If after 5 business days the issue is still unresolved, we give the option of a full refund. In order to receive this refund, you must destroy all copies of the font or fonts from your order in your possession, including backups.

2. Which currency are your prices in?

All prices shown on this site are in US dollars.

3. How do the discounts work when licensing related families?

When licensing two or more families within one collection, there is a base discount of $50 for each family after the first, which is then multiplied based on the license terms: the number of workstations for desktop fonts; the number of domains, unique visitors per month, and license length for webfonts; and the number of mobile apps for app licensing. Additionally, significant discounts are given when licensing font on multiple platforms (desktop,web, and app) at the same time. All of these discounts are only available when licensing families simultaneously.

4. If I license one style now, do I have to pay for it again if I decide to license the complete family later?

No. If you have one or more licenses for individual styles in a family, the price of this license or licenses will be subtracted if you upgrade to a license for the complete family at a later date. The same is true of collections: if you license individual styles or families within a collection, the price of these licenses will be subtracted from the collection price if you upgrade to the complete collection at a later date. Simply add the complete family or collection to your cart and enter the license number or numbers from your previous order or orders in the first step of the checkout process.

In doing this, you are trading in your previous license, which will no longer be valid, in return for an instant rebate of the price of the previous license. Please keep your receipt, because you will need the license number on it for future license upgrades.

5. What is a package, as opposed to a family?

A family is a set of related typefaces in multiple styles (often multiple weights), for example the nine weights of Guardian Sans Headline, with their matching italics. A package is a set of related families: multiple widths of the same design, multiple optical sizes of the same design, a related serif and sans, or even all of the above. A collection is a package of all related families, licensed at a discounted price.

6. I’m a graphic designer working on a corporate identity. Does my client need to license the fonts too, or can we share one license?

Your client needs their own font license. Separate companies, or individuals not employed by a company for whom they are doing work, must each have an appropriate license for the fonts they are using. You may transfer your license to your client provided that you destroy all copies of the fonts in your possession, including backups, and provide a copy of our standard End User License Agreement along with the fonts.

7. Which license should I purchase for use in broadcast?

If you are planning to use one of our fonts in video or for broadcast, you will need to purchase a desktop license covering the workstations used in production. No additional fees are necessary.

8. Can I trade in a desktop license for a web license or a mobile app license?

No, licenses are not transferrable from one platform to another.

9. What if I need to do something with one of your fonts that isn't covered by your standard desktop, web, or mobile app license?

We offer several kinds of licenses that are not immediately available on our website, covering specific uses like embedding in desktop applications or video games; use in ePubs; embedding fonts on a device like a standalone kiosk, a smart watch, or a set-top box; automatically generated documents like monthly bank statements; merchandise for sale; HTM5 banner ads; and distribution to third parties doing work on your behalf.

Please contact us directly to help us tailor a license to your needs.You can reach us at: info@commercialtype.com

10. My company would like to modify some of the terms in your license. Is this possible?

Yes, it's possible to tailor our standard End User License Agreement to fit your specific needs, but this will incur an additional administrative fee on top of the license fee. Please contact us for details.

11. I want to try one of your fonts on a project before buying a license. How can I do this?

Trial versions of the Commercial Type and Commercial Classics libraries are available at no charge. The trial fonts can be accessed on each collection, family, and style page. Please contact us if the family you are interested in doesn’t show a link to request a trial version.

There are some limitations to the trial fonts: they have a limited Latin-only character set, and only private use is allowed. For example, they may be used for your own evaluation, to get approval from a client, or in a student project. A valid email address must be provided for access.

Any public-facing use, including professional (non-academic) work by students, requires the purchase of an appropriate license for desktop, web, or mobile app use.

If you need to test the full fonts, with complete language support and advanced OpenType features, please contact us at info[at]commercialtype.com. 

12. I have purchased a web or app license. Can you send the desktop fonts for comping?

No. The webfonts may only be used on a web server, and will not work in desktop software including Adobe Photoshop. If you need to make comps, you may use the trial versions at no charge, or purchase a desktop license. The webfonts are licensed per domain, so they may be used by as many developers as you need to code your site.

13. I’m going to school for graphic design and would like to use one of your typefaces in a project. Do you offer student discounts?

We do not offer special discounts on full licenses for students because we offer significant family and collection discounts to all users.We do offer several options for students:Students can use our trial fonts in student projects and other academic work. We offer discounts on site licenses for educational institutions. Please contact info[at]commercialtype.com for details.

Many of our fonts are available on Fontstand, where they can be rented by the month for a fraction of the cost of a full perpetual license.

14. I bought a license for one of your fonts and it doesn’t work. What can I do?

Please contact us at support[at]commercialtype.com and send as much information as you can, including:

  • Your order number
  • Operating system and version
  • The application(s) you’re having trouble with

The more details we have, the easier it will be to help.