1. I’ve licensed a family for 1-3 workstations, and now I need to use the fonts on 19 workstations. Do I need to buy a license for 16 workstations?

Not exactly: if you have a license for a certain number of workstations, the price of this license will be subtracted if you upgrade to a license for a larger number of workstations at a later date. Simply add the license you need to your cart and enter the license number from your previous order in the first step of the checkout process. In doing this, you are trading in your previous license, which will no longer be valid, in return for an instant rebate of the price of the previous license.

Please note that upgrades from individual styles to a complete family or collection and upgrades to a larger number of workstations may be taken simultaneously. Please keep your receipt, because you will need the license number on it for future license upgrades.

2. Our company has 10 locations with 8 workstations in each. Do we need one license for 80 workstations, or 10 licenses for 8 workstations each?

If your company is a single corporate entity with multiple locations, you may share one license across all locations, provided that it covers the total number of workstations the fonts are used on. Please see our End User License Agreement for more details, including information about centralized font servers.