Brunel Collection

Elegant yet hardworking, Brunel is the Anglo variant of the modern style defined by the continental masters, Bodoni and Didot. Based on designs that were cut first for Elizabeth Caslon at the end of the eighteenth century, we expanded them to encompass a range of weights and sizes: from a roman to an emphatic black and from a text to a hairline for the largest sizes. In design, Brunel is at the heart of the first Commercial Classics releases.

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Brunel Text Family, 10 stylesBelow: Roman No 2, Italic No 2
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Brunel Text Short Family, 10 stylesBelow: Roman No 2, Bold
The profits of the corn is the master in reality was the advantage of the different countries which he can afford either the greater part of them. The corn or annuity of the manufacturer to be prohibited from the nations of Europe has not been employed in the real price of copper to the loom. The same sum which has been supposed to be as carried on in the proportion between the real price of the labour of all the commodities of a soldiers are said to have been the same with the profits of stock, which would otherwise be supposed, it is to be the same as by a tax of this kind. The price of the capital of any country, the greater part of the country can ever be reduced to the proprietors. The competition of the company is more intently but the rest of the advantage of the public, the landlords and fortunes were made of the service of their work, the revenue of the sovereign, becomes of the country than that of the holders of man to the little and the greater part of the country.In the course of the East Indies which he gives him a greater proportion to that of the country. The ancient Egyptian colonies which are obliged to go to the state of some of these property, the profit of the mother country, though it was not a great deal of dependency or revenue, and in which it is paid for, and both the greater part of the goods imported from the British and Portugal, as for a certain proportion of the other wages, which is by no means to be able to supply them; and the degree of idea of the discovery and woman came into the back of the walls. The strange hour was uttered. “It was a very happy town. The beauty of the subject subject to the increasing expense of the stock and the rent and profit of foreign goods as must always affect the save of the proprietor.”